Corporate Services

Corporate Services: Driving Business Success

Corporate services

Registering a company in the right jurisdiction

Company Formation

We will help you register a new company, which will be created “for you”, but if you want you can become the owner of ready-made companies.

Registering a company abroad

Virtually any business begins with the registration of a company. It is with it the entrepreneur’s activity is inextricably linked at all stages of development. On the territory of one’s own country, it is easy enough to register a company, and most of those intending to do business have long since studied this question. But with the registration of a company abroad, there are often problems. It is for this reason, in the latter case, the assistance of a professional lawyer is required. Our company is ready to offer you the service of company registration abroad.

Stages of registration of companies “turnkey”:

– choice of country of incorporation,

- choice of company form,

- choice of company name,

– choice of bank,

– opening a bank account.


In addition, we provide consultations on any topics related to the registration of companies abroad:

- Advice on low-tax/offshore companies:

- Preferential tax regimes;

- Consulting on the possibility of exemption of the company from bookkeeping and submission of financial statements;

- Consultations on the use of nominee service;

– Consultations on currency regulation and currency control issues;

Company Redomicile

The procedure for redomiciliation of a company is to change the country of incorporation while maintaining all existing business relationships. In this case, the national legislation of the states where the company is registered, as well as its charter and memorandum of association must allow the transfer of the company to another country.


Redomiciliation involves liquidating the entity in the original country to obtain a Certificate of Discontinuance, then registering it in the new country for a Certificate of Continuation. However, national regulations restrict this migration, with limitations in both the donor and recipient countries.


When offshore jurisdictions change legislation to restrict former residency benefits, like introducing Economic Substance requirements or open beneficiary registers, a temporary solution is re-domiciliation to a more favorable jurisdiction.

What is domicile?

Domicile isn’t merely an address; it encompasses factors like property, business, family, and social ties, crucial for determining a legal entity’s tax status.

Financial Accounting

We are experienced in accounting for international companies in accordance with IAS & IFRS (International Financial Reporting Standards). 

Our company offers the following services:

• Preparing and filing financial reports, including consolidated ones.
• Handling VAT reports and maintaining general ledgers according to local and international accounting standards.
• Drafting balance sheets, profit & loss statements, and related notes.
• Preparing mandatory publication reports.
• Managing day-to-day administrative tasks and providing accounting advice.
• Communicating with tax authorities and other relevant bodies.
• Overseeing bank account activities, including transaction authorization, monitoring, and compliance.
• Ensuring timely settlement of invoices.
• Assisting with corporate income tax (CIT) reports.
• Preparing sales and payroll tax returns.
• Advising on personal income tax matters.
• Providing international tax planning services.
• Offering guidance on accounting methods, legal structures, and financial reporting.
• Additional services available upon request.

Taxes Need To Be Planned

Tax Planning

List of possible measures which are aimed at tax optimization is extensive and changes time to time. It comes from periodic changes in legislation and normative acts of majority of countries.

Therefore executives should regularly update the tax system of a company.

In addition to classic methods of tax optimization the following are applied: the use of offshore companies and foreign corporations, holding structures, registration of the funds and creation of the trusts, investment management with regard to double taxation avoidance agreement and others.

What is tax planning

Tax planning is a complex of lawful actions of a taxpayer aimed at maximum achievable reduction of taxes, duties, fees and other obligatory payments paid to the state. The legal basis of tax planning is a civil law principle: “Everything that is not expressly prohibited by law is allowed”.

Types of tax planning on the subject:

Savings on taxes are used for modernization and improvement of efficiency, which is especially important for successful fight with competitors.

Bank Accounts

Opening Accounts With Banks And Non-Bank Financial Institutions.

When opening an overseas bank account there is often a difficult task with the choice of a reliable and operational bank, which will be both prestigious, convenient and most importantly safe.

Bank accounts

The company Wiss Capital GmbH provides services upon opening of the accounts in financial institutions on a world-wide basis for individuals and legal entities.

Each financial institution has its own procedure for opening of an account. This procedure includes the performance of an internal audit by the state control authorities and the department of prevention of illegal money turnover. Misunderstanding of requirements of these structures and methods of work often leads to failure, additional financial charges and time wasting.

The term of the account opening is about one week with the necessary documents which are requested by the bank.

Depending on the requirements of the bank, there is the possibility of opening an account without client’s presence. In that case, it is necessary to provide all requested documents and power of attorney.

Required Documents

The list of documents that the banks require in most cases: