The company Wiss Capital GmbH provides services upon opening of the accounts in financial institutions on a world-wide basis for individuals and legal entities.

Each financial institution has its own procedure for opening of an account. This procedure includes the performance of an internal audit by the state control authorities and the department of prevention of illegal money turnover. Misunderstanding of requirements of these structures and methods of work often leads to failure, additional financial charges and time wasting.

The term of the account opening is about one week with the necessary documents which are requested by the bank.

Depending on the requirements of the bank, there is the possibility of opening an account without client's presence. In that case, it is necessary to provide all requested documents and power of attorney.

The list of documents that the banks require in most cases:

  • Passport;
  • Statement from bank about availability of funds on the account of the beneficiary;
  • Resume of the beneficiary;
  • Documents for the company;
  • Power of attorney, Declaration of Trust;
  • Contracts with the partners;
  • Purpose of opening a foreign bank account;
  • Statement for the last 6 months from another account if a company is registered for more than 1 year.
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