DIFC sees record jump in company registrations

The number of new company registrations at the Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC) increased at a record rate of more than a quarter (27%) in 2015 compared with 2014, from 242 to 309, the free zone said.
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Changes in Belize Legislation

The new "Regulations on the state duty from the International Business Companies", which increase the size of the fees at registration of certain documents of the company, come into effect from April 1, 2016 Belize.
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Annual taxes for companies registered in Cyprus

According to the amendments to the Companies Law of the Republic of Cyprus, the companies that have not paid the annual taxes will be deregistered in accordance with section 327 of the Companies Law.
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HSBC rejects move to Hong Kong

The Board of Directors of HSBC unanimously decided to leave the bank's headquarters in London. Previously, the largest bank of the UK discussed the idea of moving to Hong Kong.
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Latvian banks may be cut off from USD transactions

Latvian banks may be cut off from USD transactions because of suspicions of money laundering.
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Ranking of countries by level of economic freedom

American strategic research institute The Heritage Foundation has published country rating by level of economic freedom. Since 1995 the rating reflects the economic changes around the world and assesses the business climate and policies of local governments in 186 countries. Rating of the Heritage Foundation is an authoritative tool for assessing of the investment attractiveness of a country.
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National Bank of Ukraine about the use of Indicators of Suspicious Financial Transactions

The National Bank of Ukraine hosts a variety of legal acts that in one way or another limited and continues to limit the operations with currency for individuals and legal entities.
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Finland Agrees Labor Tax Cuts A Priority

Finland's Finance Minister, Alexander Stubb, has agreed Finland needs lower taxes on labor, in response to a new Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) report.
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World Bank To Review Latvian Tax System

Latvia's Ministry of Finance on January 28, 2016, signed an agreement with the World Bank aimed at reviewing the efficiency, competitiveness, revenue mobilization, and equity of the country's tax system.
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Central Bank of Cyprus requires to start the process of elimination of FBME Bank Ltd

Central Bank of Cyprus filed a petition No. 905/2015 in the District Court of Nicosia about the pronouncement of the order on the liquidation of the Bank and appointment of the special liquidator.
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