Ukraine is considering a bill "on dual citizenship"

A bill has been registered in the Ukrainian parliament, which the media dubbed the “Law on Dual Citizenship,” which, looking ahead, is not entirely true. Yes, it really allows Ukrainian citizens to have a passport of another state, but does not introduce the concept of "dual citizenship".

The first thing you need to know about Bill No. 6368 "On Amendments to the Law of Ukraine" On Citizenship of Ukraine "on the grounds and procedure for acquiring and terminating Ukrainian citizenship" - there are no wordings like "dual citizenship" or "multiple citizenship". In fact, he approves the current norm of the Law on Citizenship of Ukraine, according to which “if a citizen of Ukraine has acquired citizenship (allegiance) of another state or states, then in legal relations with Ukraine he is recognized only as a citizen of Ukraine. If a foreigner has acquired the citizenship of Ukraine, then in legal relations with Ukraine he is recognized only as a citizen of Ukraine. " 

However, there are restrictions: only citizens of those states that are not included in the list of "Migration Risk Countries" of the Cabinet of Ministers can obtain Ukrainian citizenship without renouncing the citizenship of other countries. This list includes 70 countries, including the Russian Federation.

What are the grounds for the loss of Ukrainian citizenship?

The current version of the Law "On Citizenship of Ukraine" provides for the termination of citizenship of Ukraine "as a result of the voluntary acquisition by a citizen of Ukraine of citizenship of another country." There is no such provision in bill 6368, but there are three other grounds:

- the use by an adult citizen of Ukraine holding the citizenship of a foreign state on the territory of Ukraine of a foreigner's passport document, the consequence of which is the creation of a threat to national security, national interests of Ukraine;

- the acquisition by a person of the citizenship of Ukraine ... as a result of the submission of false information, forged documents, concealment by the person of any material fact, in the presence of which a decision on acceptance of citizenship could not be made in relation to the person, deception, including failure to fulfill the obligation to terminate foreign citizenship, in the declaration on renunciation of foreign citizenship and recognition of oneself as only a citizen of Ukraine;

- the establishment of the fact of military service under a contract in a state recognized by the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine as an aggressor state or an occupying state, by persons who at the time of military service had Ukrainian citizenship.

In addition, the bill says that it enters into force simultaneously with the Law of Ukraine "On Preventing and Countering Threats to Ukraine's National Security in the Sphere of Citizenship."

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