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Services for company

Capital raising

We are the leading adviser in capital raising: our extensive knowledge and successful past transactions allow us to provide the best service to our clients.

We find working solutions to Baltic SMEs to help fuel their growth.

Corporate loans

Baltic companies raise capital through private loans for transactions or growth investments, offering opportunities for growth participation.

Corporate bonds

Corporate bonds provide fixed-term maturity and returns, functioning as loans from multiple investors with potential for secondary market transactions.


A mezzanine loan merges debt and equity traits, providing a fixed maturity and return with an agreed upside to balance its higher risk, less familiar to Baltic investors.


Investing into company shares makes you a co-owner of the company. This asset class involves the highest value growth potential, but also the highest risk.

M&A options

Corporate mergers and acquisitions

We help companies foster growth through corporate mergers and acquisitions.

We offer financial advisory services related to M&A: acquisition and divestment of companies’ shares, management buyouts, levereged buyouts and corporate mergers.

Business Purchase and Sale:

At Wiss Capital, our expert team offers comprehensive support for corporate mergers and acquisitions, guiding clients from initial evaluation to successful deal closure, ensuring maximum value throughout the transaction process.

Investor Attraction:

At Wiss Capital, we specialize in attracting investors for our clients, offering comprehensive support from strategy development to successful investment closure, ensuring long-term business development.

Commercial real estate consulting

Commercial real estate consulting at Wiss Capital offers tailored guidance for navigating the complexities of commercial property investments.

Our expert team provides strategic advice on property valuation, market analysis, investment opportunities, lease negotiations, and portfolio management.

With personalized strategies, we help clients achieve their investment goals confidently.

Deal support

To assist real estate investors, we have prepared a short checklist of things to consider prior to making an investment

Real estate transaction advisory

Prime commercial real estate locations are in capital cities and regional centers, ideally situated along high-traffic routes to attract potential clients. Investors must also evaluate the long-term prospects of each location.

Commercial real estate leases are long-term, lasting 5-10 years, spreading tenant risk across multiple occupants. Selling commercial properties also takes around six months, unlike residential transactions.

Commercial real estate typically yields 6-9% annually, higher than residential real estate’s 2-5%. Leveraging equity increases returns but entails business and loan risks. Consider macroeconomic factors when investing.

Net operating income is the revenue from a property minus the owner’s expenses (management, taxes, insurance, maintenance, etc.).

When purchasing real estate, the yield rate is used – net operating income of the property divided by the acquisition cost of the property.

Commercial real estate transactions are typically larger. Financial products like real estate funds and bonds target commercial properties, attracting interest from institutions such as investment houses and funds.