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Investment Consulting

Why do you need an investment consulting?

Investment consulting involves providing professional advice and guidance to individuals regarding their investment decisions, particularly in the securities market. Investment consultants help clients determine which securities to invest in, the appropriate quantity, timing, and duration of investments.

They analyze market trends, predict potential returns on investment, and identify and mitigate risks. Investment consulting differs from financial advising, which focuses more broadly on managing personal finances, such as budgeting and selecting banking products.

Investment advisors specifically offer recommendations on securities investments and bear legal responsibility for these recommendations.

Manage your assets wisely

Asset Management

Asset management ensures efficient handling of a company’s physical assets for peak performance. It involves tracking assets, scheduling maintenance, and planning ahead.

The aim is to streamline operations, boost profits, and build trust with customers by enhancing efficiency.

Effective asset management saves time by reducing logistical hurdles and maximizing resource use.

Our advantages in asset management

And what you should pay attention to

– Methodological approach to asset management.

-Managing the cost of ownership at all stages of the life cycle of assets, production facilities.

– Key performance indicators of the management system of assets, production facilities.

– Approach to building an effective system of risk management of assets, production facilities.

- Approach to management and renovation of fixed assets.

- Modern approaches of Western and domestic companies to the effective management of assets, production facilities.

- IT solutions in the field of asset management.

Bonds Issue

What are bonds in simple words

A bond is a security that gives its holder the right to receive a predetermined return on a specified period of time. When an investor buys a bond in an offering, he is essentially lending the company (municipality or state) money at interest.

Whoever buys the bond next from the first owner redeems the debt along with the right to receive income. The basic information about the bond is the maturity date (that is, when the issuer agrees to repay the principal) and the type and amount of income.

Bonds are considered one of the main classes of exchange-traded (or financial) assets along with stocks. These two instruments are most often invested in by private investors.

Mezzanine financing

What is Mezzanine Financing?

A mezzanine loan offers term debt that can function as equity, filling the gap when traditional bank loans fall short due to insufficient equity. While risk and interest rates are higher, it becomes a sensible choice when the interest is lower than potential income. Preference shares with obligatory redemption offer a similar principle, enabling entrepreneurs to use debt capital as equity.

An opportunity for investors

A hybrid loan offers investors a simpler exit strategy compared to share investments due to its fixed term. This liquidity is valuable for investors, especially considering the limited secondary market for non-public local companies.

Typically, mezzanine loans carry higher interest rates, often with additional terms tied to the company’s performance. In some cases, creditors may convert the loan into company shares, potentially increasing their returns over time. This makes a mezzanine loan comparable to a share investment.

Mezzanine popularity is on the rise

Baltic finance firms like Admiral Markets, Bigpank, Inbank, and LHV, along with real estate developers, are adopting hybrid loans. Mezzanine financing is also entering pension funds and private investor portfolios. It offers flexibility for growing companies but requires careful analysis of terms and conditions due to its complexity.

Who uses hybrid loans?

Admiral Markets




Custody Securities Management

At Wiss Capital, we understand the importance of safeguarding your investments. That’s why we offer reliable and secure securities custody services to investors like you.

Our Securities Custody service provides you with peace of mind, knowing that your valuable assets are held in safekeeping with a trusted partner. Whether you’re an individual investor or a financial institution, we tailor our custody solutions to meet your specific needs.

With Wiss Capital, you can count on:

Partner with Wiss Capital for trusted securities custody services and protect your investments with confidence.