Wiss Capital GmbH

About us

A company that solves your problems.

We carefully build our communication with our customers. Our goal is to identify your true needs and meet them in the smartest way possible.

Our main principles

We build our work on the principles of honesty with the client. Predictability of business relationships is our priority.

Our vision

The world of financial and legal services is saturated. But when you are faced with real tasks, you begin to understand that not all companies can be trusted with comprehensive project management. So we decided to build such a company – when working with which the client will not have to coordinate dozens of contractors and spend time on communication. Your goals are paramount.

Our history

Wiss Capital has been operating in the Lithuanian market since 1994. Our many years of experience in the field of financial services help us effectively solve various challenges. We work with all financial and economic systems, developing strategic approaches for investment implementation.

A distinctive feature of Wiss Capital is our commitment to long-term cooperation, based on providing quality services and an individual approach to each client.

Wiss Capital builds trust-based relationships with customers and partners, creating favorable conditions to improve the welfare of our clients in a comfortable and reliable environment.

Wiss Capital has a long history, a well-coordinated team of professionals, proven technologies, and extensive experience in financial markets.

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Career opportunities

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